Contract Negotiations

Nov 7, 2019 | 0 comments

Your contract should be unique to your needs.  Don’t be persuaded by “this is our standard contract; it’s okay to sign.” An ambiguous contract can make you contractually obligated to duties you did not plan or agree to perform. The duties should be listed in detail. These details are typically not added to your contract directly. This is where Max’s One Pager comes into play to protect you based on your “understanding” of the contract terms.

Compensation in the form of salary and bonuses/RUV’s should not be left to chance.  Your benefits should be clearly defined. Max will get you a clear sense of deal breakers and must haves. Additional items important to you may be useful as bargaining chips while negotiating your contract.  You should take advantage of the complementary contract review Max is offering for your initial contract after residency or fellowship graduation.







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