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At the Medi-Law Firm, our mission is to ensure that all of our healthcare professionals are protected and comfortable with their lives, whether it be legal or financial. For more than a decade, we’ve protected them and their greatest assets. Our clients include a broad range of healthcare professionals, such as Doctors, Dentists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, veterinarians and more.

Since 1995

The Medi-Law Firm was founded in 1995

The Medi-Law Firm was founded in 1995 by Max A. Adams, Esq. LUTCF. Its sole purpose for the past 23 years has been to ensure that all of our more than 7500 medical professionals feel protected and secure with their lives and future. We’ve protected them and their greatest assets. Our clients include a broad range of medical professionals, such as physicians, physician assistants, dentists, nurse practitioners, veterinarians and more.

As Your Healthcare Advocate


The Affordable Care Act

With the Affordable Care Act extending coverage to so many uninsured Americans the roles of both the PA and CRNA will now have additional duties under this new ACT. All of the medical professionals have been impacted by this.


Medical professionals of all sorts face the risk of being sued for malpractice. Guess what state has the most medical malpractice lawsuits per capita? The answer, without a doubt… FLORIDA! While Florida has repeatedly tried to improve its medical liability system with reforms such as caps and expert witness reform, the Florida physicians actually pay some of the highest premiums in the country.


Confidentiality is both an ethical and a legal issue. Keeping information about a patient confidential. It requires medical professional to keep patient’s personal health information private while provide medical care to the patient.

 Other common ethical issues a health care professional might face are confidentiality, relationships with patients and matters related to consent, especially in the treatment of minors.


Relationships with patients, particularly sexual relationships, are forbidden by both the medical and nursing code of ethics. Such actions are considered serious misconduct and can result in expulsion from the profession and losing the license to practice.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment it violates the laws against sex discrimination in the workplace of Title VII of the Civil Right Amendment. Sexual harassment applies to an employees, the employer, the employer’s agents. Harassment is prohibited in any form including verbal physical and visual harassment. This includes various types of electronic harassment including offensive voicemails, e-mail, screen savers and internet usage.

Ethical Issues

Performing an abortion is legal but may not be considered ethical by other health care professionals or members of the public at large. Other ethical dilemmas arise at the end of life, when a decision must be made to turn off life-support machines and allow death to occur.

 Medical professionals in the healthcare industry face a variety of issues from government regulators, licensing authorities and hospital. These issues include disciplinary action, licensing problems and internal audits by Medicare and Medicaid. Attorney Max Adams at the Medi-Law Firm has successfully handled issues relating to civil malpractice claims, problematic disclosures in licensing reports, alleged professional misconduct and alleged immoral character.

 Another issue that medical professionals face is peer reviews. If negative, these reviews can adversely affect your professional practice and reputation. We work closely with hospital counsel in minimizing negative findings. We also make sure that our clients are protected by the proper implementation of the facility’s bylaws.

 The regulations governing Medicare and Medicaid are both stringent and complex. It’s not uncommon for healthcare professionals to face a program audit that results in some reimbursement of overpayments. We’ve helped clients fight allegations of up-coding, overbilling and retention of overpayments.

The Medi-Law Firm: Estate Planning

As estate planning attorneys, we assist healthcare professionals in taking care of their financial affairs. A well planned estate plan ensures that your wishes are carried out and your loved ones are taken care of once you’re gone. Our estate planning services include making a will, creating a trust, navigating the probate process, establishing a power of attorney and preparing healthcare directives. This way, family members don’t have to sort things out in court. That takes time and costs money.

Probate is especially long and costly. It can even take years to resolve. We advise our clients on the best ways to avoid the probate process. This includes revocable living trusts, joint property ownership, death beneficiaries, revocable living trusts and gifts. Save your loved ones years of legal hassle, and talk to us about your estate planning.


Estate planning ensures your final wishes regarding property and healthcare. A person’s estate generally includes investments, real estate, insurance policies and bank accounts. Creating wills and trusts are the legal way to make sure everything is distributed as you want it

Whether you’re facing licensing, disciplinary or auditing issues or need to document your estate plan, we can help.

Be sure to contact us for the best legal advice.


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