Medical Law or Healthcare Law, is a specific branch of law that focuses on issues associated with the responsibilities of health care providers and patients’ rights. Medical lawyers work in a variety of settings and must stay current with the changes in health care law.  They may represent clients in medical malpractice claims, advise hospital boards, committees, or defend physicians. During Max’s 22 years of practicing law, he has worked with physicians creating wills and trust, corporations, estate planning, tax strategies, asset protection, employment contract negotiating, partnership agreements, and assisting with their Human Resources needs.

As a healthcare lawyer, he counsels facilities, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, insurers, and any other health care provider on all matters dealing with health care law, including licensing, reimbursement, risk management, malpractice litigation, and general corporate management issues. Max Adams has been conducting seminars for the past 20 years and has negotiated over 8,000 employment contracts for MDs, DOs, DPMs, DMDs, DDSs, DVMs, PAs, and NPs nationwide.  As a healthcare lawyer, he provides advice, drafts contracts, and creates company policies for his clients.  He is versed in the Affordable Care Act and the changes it brought to the healthcare industry. Max has been instrumental in opening practices for many physicians in Florida.